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by Robert Caldeira

Looking to purchase a rear hub for a 1914 Overland 79 Touring.  I am not savvy with Overlands but assume several other years and models utilize the same rear hub.

  • Contact Info: Email: rob@robertcaldeira.com. Phone: 408 930-9052 (PST, California)

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by Ronald Moon

Wanted:  1911-12, T-head, 4-cylinder, 30 HP motor or 1911-12 Continental C, 4-cylinder, 30 HP motor. See photos.

  • Contact Info: Ron Moon, randlmoon@comcast.net, 360-491-8601

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by Tom Lahey

Looking for  lamps to complete the ones I have on 1909 Lambert. I need good donor lamps so I can finish these lamps, they are missing rims, backs, reflectors, hinges C-C for the forks -7.5 " rim for glass-8-3/4 OD...

  • Contact Info: Tom Lahey,laheyth@gmail.com , 904-891-8302

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by Mike Kaltenecker

Wanted - original HCCA Gazette issue 1944, #2 to complete my set.  ALSO, have a second set of Gazettes missing only a handful of issues to complete run from 1939, cheap.

  • Contact Info: mgkaltenecker@gmail.com

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by Kevin Johnson

Im trying to locate cast mounting brackets for the essex brass multiple oiler tank. Cylinder is 5 inches in diameter. Can you help?

  • Contact Info: Kevin(@)kjcsi(.)com

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by HarryNeilson

Searching for pre 1909 Warner "coke bottle" 60 - 100 mph Auto-meter with / without clock on top. Early units have extra brass casting on bottom and odometer mounting with dove tail.

  • Contact Info: Harry @ 604 690 6405

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by Arnold Levin

Does anyone know who purchased the WILLIAM C. WILLIAMS AUTOMOTIVE MASCOT COLLECTION? Thanks.....

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by Stewart Laidlaw

Want to purchase. Post War Rolls Royce Ghost. prefer Springfield, open car. Also 1904 or earlier car. NO CDO..CADILLAC..FORD.. Gas or Steam.any condition considered.. Thanks a BUNCH!!!

  • Contact Info: stu@stulaidlaw.com..209-743-6622

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by Jimmy Thelen

Looking for advertising brochures, flyers, or parts books for Case cars.  Would also be interested in Pierce Racine literature

  • Contact Info: theljam1@hotmail.com

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by Arnold Levin


  • Contact Info: ARNOLD LEVIN mech999@flash.net

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by John Kelso

Anything considered, looking for a project car, prefer steam but anything is OK, need a winter project. Apart, partly restored, unrestored what do you have?

  • Contact Info: John Kelso

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by Joseph Swierlik

Wanted-Winton front windshield hinges, front floorboards, and related air starter system parts-mainly the push air valve manifold mounted to the dashboard, and the steering column support brace mounted to floorboard and dashboard. Thank-you!

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by Greg Stewart

Searching for Neverout No. 79 Double Focus Searchlight mfg. by the Rose Manufacturing Co. Philadelphia, PA. Looking for a pair, to be used as headlights on my 1906 Maxwell. My existing lights both have broken (almost disintegrated) rear buckets and...

  • Contact Info: Greg Stewart

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by Joshua Nace

Looking for a 1910-1912 Buda type M engine or a 6 cylinder same era.

  • Contact Info: Jnace1896@yahoo.com, 717-440-2494, Joshua Nace in Pa

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by Michael Turner

I have been interested in Lozier for more than 50 years.  What is available? I also collect marine engines, literature; bicycle, (Cleveland), bicycles and literature. Looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks

  • Contact Info: Burien, WA

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by Glenn Hamilton

I’ve had the opportunity to own a variety of Brass Era autos from Model Ts to Buick, Marmon, Overland, and Packard Model 18/30s. But I’ve never owned a four-cylinder Cadillac. For my last brass auto, I’m looking for a 1911...

  • Contact Info: Glenn Hamilton, glennchamilton46@@gmail.com, Dayton, OH

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by Arnold Levin


  • Contact Info: ARNOLD LEVIN mech999@flash.net

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by Arnold Levin


  • Contact Info: ARNOLD LEVIN mech999@flash.net

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by Keith Billet

1915 or earlier Non-Ford. The longer, the lower the better. No windshield, no top, no doors.  An open air to enjoy the wind car. I don’t want a project. I’m looking for a tour ready or almost ready car.

  • Contact Info: Keith Billet. Ph/Text 717-870-8022

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by Alan Woolf

Looking for an original or a copy of a Rayfield Carburetors Manual and Specification Book “C”.

  • Contact Info: aswoolf@earthlink.net

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by Adam Schoolsky

I'm a newer HCCA guy looking for a less common, no stories, Brass touring car. Must be tour-ready (or nearly so) and tour-proven. Cosmetically nice. I'll  give your car a good home and great care. Let's talk!

  • Contact Info: Adam, 978.226.3123, New Hampshire

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by Vaughn Vartanian

Need spare AUTOCOILS  for both of my 1909 Pierce-Arrows. Each car has a different size AUTOCOIL! 2"x2"x5" and 2 1/4"x3"x6" Please let me know dimension of any AUTOCOIL that is available. Need (1) Boyco 2 and 3/4" wide "NO HANDLE"...

  • Contact Info: hyeline@aol.com

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by Arthur Condito

Wanted, Parts for an 1909 Buick Model F or possibly earlier years of Model F Parts. Emergency brake handle, Doors, hood, Fenders and brackets, Running Board Brackets and coil box. Please call or text me Arty 575-430-7349 artydollar@yahoo.com

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by Ceylon Leitzel

Looking for a nickel plated bulb horn 1st choice, brass is my 2nd choice.   Let me know what you have & asking price.  

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by Lucinda Gast

I'm looking for an original balloon type car tire made between the 1920's and 40's. It's for a museum exhibit, so condition and make aren't important. It just needs to say "balloon" on the sidewall. Also hunting for an original...

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