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Wanted - 1916 Cadillac parts Wanted

Windshield wiper assembly; Distributor cap; side curtain support rods (need all 4 rods); cowl light doors & glass.
   Santa Cruz, CA

Wanted - Info. on Locomobile Vanderbilt Trophy rad. ornament needed

I am currently restoring a 1909 Locomobile and have purchased a recast Vanderbilt trophy cup radiator ornament. I would like to correspond with someone, that has an original Vanderbilt Trophy radiator cap ornament, and ask a couple of questions as I proceed with installation of the recast ornament.
   Deseret, Utah

Wanted - Brass Headlight Doors

Hi Everybody. I am looking for 2 brass headlight doors {rings} with reflectors to fit CM Hall # 186 acetylene headlights. Please search your parts and let me know if you have anything. Also looking for 1913 Hupmobile model 32 touring car parts. Thanks.
   Huntington, Ma

For Sale - Neverout Lamp and License Plate Brackets

Neverout License Plate and Tail Lamp Bracket. One original and one excellent bronze/brass cast reproduction. 16 1/2" long by 5" high. email Don Hoke
   Dallas, TX

For Sale - Brake or Gear Shifting Lever, 32" Long. Labeled WHITE, but Not Steam

Brake or gear shifting lever, 32" long, with bracket to attach to frame and attachment below to connect with brake line. Very solid condition. email Don Hoke Can deliver to Chickasha or Hershey.
   Dallas, TX

For Sale - E & J Pat. 1908 Tail Lamp Ford, Hupp, EMF, Stanley

Exceptional E & J Brass lamp restored by Carl Leonard. It has been in storage over 10 years, hard to find fault with this one original plating and burner. Reproductions are $545. I will answer questions and text as many photos as you want. Asking $465. Prefer calls

Sold in hours on

   Kenyon, MN

For Sale - Dietz Dainty Bale Tail Lamp

Dietz Dainty bale tail lamp. A really nice original lamp. Complete. $875
   Northbrook, IL

For Sale - 1912 Model T Ford Towncar

1912 Model T Ford Towncar

Click photo to enlarge

Offered for sale is this beautiful but rare 1912 model T towncar.

  1. The car has an all wooden body, made 30 years ago, painted midnite blue with black fenders
  2. Motor # 106529 --- original refreshed motor
  3. Correct rear axle
  4. Rebuilt brass radiator and New Leather upholstery two years ago
  5. Includes a Warford transmission so I could get up my very steep driveway and a six volt starter
  6. Original aluminum hogshead and two piece driveshaft
  7. Many more parts come with the car
Will possibly take trade towards sale. The car has been totally restored. $49,750
   Prescott, AZ

For Sale - Early 20's 4 cylinder Buick windshield assembly

Early 20

Click photo to enlarge

Early 20's 4 Cylinder Buick windshield assembly

   Yorkville, CA

Wanted - One 25" Hayes wire wheel and hub as pictured

One 25" Hayes wire wheel and hub as pictured

Click photo to enlarge

One 25" Hayes wire wheel and hub as pictured

   Yorkville, CA

For Sale - Misc Packard Parts

Misc Packard Parts

Click photo to enlarge

Miscellaneous Packard Parts

   yorkville, CA

For Sale - 25" wheel lock rings

25" wheel lock rings

Click photo to enlarge

Pair of 25" wheel lock rings

   yorkville, CA

For Sale - 1918 Packard Twin Six, Third Series

1918 Packard Twin Six, Third Series

Click photo for MORE Photos

  • Serial# 100166
  • Car lived in Texas with the original family until 2002
  • 8,000 original miles
  • Extremely solid, never rusty nor abused. Body, wood and wheels are very solid
  • Rims and spare are original, correct and in very good condition
  • Dash is in very nice, original condition. Gauges are working with excellant oil pressure
  • Engine, leather work and paint refreshed in the 1970's
  • Car runs and drives beautifully. Wonderful touring car
  • Nothing drives as nicely, nor has the performance of these third series, 12 cylinder, Packard cars
Asking $125,000, Trades considered   Visit my web site for more details:

For Sale - 1928 Dodge 6 speedster

1928 Dodge 6 speedster

Click photo to enlarge

For Sale, this 1928 Dodge 6 Speedster with
  • 2 man aluminum body by Stan Francis
  • Offenhauser 2 carb manifold with 2 Stromberg 97 carbs
  • Early 50's Dodge 6 motor and 3 speed  trans
  • Juice brakes on rear end
  • Disc wheels

Very sporty looking and fast. Call or email for more pictures and price

   North Salt Lake, UT

Wanted - Pair of Gray and Davis Bullet side lamps

For 1906 Cadillac. I prefer the smaller lamp, I think its a number 25. I can meet at Chickasaw in March to pick up. Tom Lahey
   Green Cove Springs, FL

Wanted - PrestoLite tank wanted

14" long Presto Lite tank. Testophone bulb horn. E&J 2 tier right sidelamp w/flare rim.
   Northbrook, IL

For Sale - 1928 Harley Davison JD w/It's Original Sidecar!

1928 Harley Davison JD w/It

Click photo for MORE Photos

This 1928 HD, left the factory with it's optional HD sidecar. They've been together for over 93yrs. Almost all that time with it's original owner. Simply unheard-of in provenance and documented history

The compete, accurate and comprehensive restoration was done to exacting standards. I've got reams of paperwork, photos, license plates, letters, titles and much more

This is the finest offering you'll ever see, anywhere

The restoration alone cost over $70,000. Our asking price is just $85,000

Feel free to contact me with any questions or requests

   Clarkston, MI

For Sale - For Sale: 1911 Maxwell Model I Touring & 1915 Oldsmobile Model 43 Touring

Both of these cars are fully operational & very presentable. Both cars are currently registered. Asking $49,500.00 obo for the Maxwell and $37,500.00 obo for the Oldsmobile. Text or call (626) 840-8678. Leave message. Photos available. Both cars include new side curtains. Top on the Olds is new.
Contact: Robert Ricewasser
   Monrovia, CA

For Sale - Burgundy 1916 Maxwell Touring Model 25

Burgundy 1916 Maxwell Touring Model 25

Click photo for MORE Photos

Stately 1916 Maxwell Touring Model 25 located in Long Island NY. 5-passenger, burgundy exterior, older restoration model featuring rebuilt 4 cylinder 21 HP engine with electric starter and 9 gallon gravity feed gas tank

This vehicle has not been on the road since 2010 when it became part of a museum exhibit. At that time, the Maxwell was in good running condition

Being sold as is and the price is reflective of the vehicle condition and anticipated repairs:

  •  New batteries — 6v and 12v
  •  Replacing the cloth top
  •  Some body work
  • Shipping not included. $17,500 OBO

   Washington, DC

Wanted - WANTED Locomobile wheel wrench

Looking for wheel hub cap wrench for 1913 Model 38 3" on one end and 2 1/2" on the other end Also need valve cover wrench (2 1/2")
   Newtown Square, PA

Wanted - Wanted

Wanted international harvester J-30. 1910 or 1911 touring car or 1910 or 1911 international harvester roadster - runabout in any condition considered or any leads would be very helpful thank you. 330- 738- 3977
   Kensington, Ohio

For Sale - Standard Gas Delivery Tank and Original Rear Compartment

Standard Gas Delivery Tank and Original Rear Compartment

Click photo for MORE Photos

This Standard delivery tank was ordered by a dealer in the small farming town of Kenyon MN. It started it life as a horse delivery wagon. In the early 1900s, it was mounted on a early open cab truck chassis

It retains all the original hardware and lettering on the rear compartment! The tank is solid and straight but has surface rust

It is 44" wide X 30" high, 128" long including the seat area

I will never finish this project. Call for more photos and information

Where will you find another! The Henry Ford Museum has a restored tank on display

Asking $3,000 Can someone finish this?

   Kenyon, MN

For Sale - 1915 Saxon

1915 Saxon

Click photo for MORE Photos

Watch a YouTube video of my 1915 Saxon Click to Watch My Video

Cute car that starts and runs great. 

* Video link under car's image and additional pictures available on request

* Paint is good (a great 10 foot car)

* Wheels are OK, tires are old but hold air 

* Needs one hood hold down and door latch brass cap

* Top is good but has a couple small tears

In Phoenix I never put the top up...

Take it home for just $12,800

   Phoenix, AZ

Wanted - Wanted pair 1910 head lights 7" yolks

Hi all
I'm looking for a nice pair of circa 1910 head lights 7" yolks, please email photos and price and shipping cost to Washington State.
All reply's appreciated.
   Mudgee, NSW, AU

Wanted - Brush Coilbox Repro Plates Information Needed

Does anyone know who has the reproduction round switch plate & other data plates for the Brush coilboxes? The fellow who made a run of them passed away; the plates were available from his secretary for awhile. The phone # I had is no good now. Thanks! R.V. Anderson,
   Kennedy, NY

Wanted - Brush Coilbox Repro Plates Information Needed

Does anyone know who has the reproduction round switch plate & other data plates for the Brush coilboxes? The fellow who made a run of them passed away; the plates were available from his secretary for awhile. The phone # I had is no good now. Thanks! R.V. Anderson,
   Kennedy, NY

Wanted - Headlights Needed

Headlights Needed

Click photo for MORE Photos


Candle Carriage Light, Acetylene, Woodlite, J&L projector.  Need 1 in good cosmetic cond & 1 that is or can be made functional.
Mounting hardware appreciated
Also need; Acetylene gas gen. and Prest-O-Lite tank.

Donations for the upcoming AACA Museum headlight exhibit; "Driving After Sundown, the evolution of headlights" are needed for interactive headlights activated by pointing at them

Exhibit includes lights from each era through modern adaptive LED-Laser

Donations will be recognized.

Email or call the Museum if you can help

   Annville, PA

For Sale - Solar Model 29f Carbide Generator

Solar model 29f brass rectangular carbide generator. Excellent original.
   Northbrook, IL

For Sale - 1907 Brush Package cart

1907 Brush Package cart

Click photo to enlarge

1907 Brush Package Cart, 7 horse power, 1 cylinder  wooden frame and axles

Beautiful car. Pictures on request. Contact Buddy for more detals

   Hot Springs NTL, AR

For Sale - 1929 Buick 2 Door Coupe

1929 Buick 2 Door Coupe

Click photo for MORE Photos

1929 Buick 2 door coupe Model 46S with:
  1. Rumble seat
  2. Golf bag door
  3. Fresh engine rebuild, by professional engine builder
  4. Ross forged pistons and stainless valves
  5. Mechanical Vacuum assist power brakes
  6. Directional lights
Interior and exterior is Show ready! All bronze casted interior levers. The right colors!!

Drive it home for $22,500

   Swansea, MA

For Sale - 1938 Ford 4dr. Sedan

1938 Ford Sedan Flathead V8, Burgundy Wine Metallic paint with Burgundy interior. Frame off restoration. Owner selling for less than invested asking $24,500.00. For details and photos call Kevin.
   Lolo, MT

Wanted - Pierce Arrow tools

Looking for the correct tools for my 1915 Pierce also wood like 2 Johnson 27” rims and an original tail lite
   Plymouth , Massachusetts

For Sale - 1910 Speedwell Model 10-C Tonneau

1910 Speedwell Model 10-C Tonneau

Click photo for MORE Photos

This 1910 Toy Tonneau was once part of the Joel E. Finn collection. Later, it was owned by Tom Lester. The car has been owned by the present owner since 2014

Under the current owner, several successful tours were completed

The car has recently had a mechanical freshening which included:

  1. New rod and main bearings
  2. Line boring
  3. Sealing up of oil leaks
  4. Carb. and ignition adjustment
Full details of the mechanical work are available. The car performs well, looks great and can run all day long at 50mph

A truly great machine for someone desiring a big, big big brass car - ready to tour!

Priced at $450,000

   Colorado Springs, CO

Wanted - Herschell Spillman Motor Co.

We at the Allan Herschell Factory Museum are searching for any available engines, parts, factory memorabilia or company related material to add to our collection for the purpose of telling the storey of the motor division. Hope to find a 1917 era engine assembly stand used by the US War dept as well
   North Tonawanda, NY

For Sale - 1911 Stevens Duryea Model AA Parts

1911 Stevens Duryea Model AA Parts

Click photo for MORE Photos

Most parts for AA:
  •  Connecticut 6 cyl coil box with coils $600
  • Oiler $600
  • 2 DR6 mags one rebuilt $400 and $600
  • 3 new cylinders $1,500 each
  •  2 1/2 side lights CM Hall 144E $200
  • Box of tail lite parts CM Hall 122E $100
  • Headlight fork $25
  • 2 Fr & 2 Rr hubcaps $250
  • Carb missing butterfly valve $600
  • Fan new casting $300
  • New water pump casting $600
  • 2 Fr & 2Rr hubs $200
  • Rear end w/ 2 axels, 2 drive lines, 2 brake drums, parts of brakes, extra pinion gear and housing $2,000
  • 2 Script CM Hall 188
  • Headlights, 1 missing reflector + 6 parts lights & 4 front door spinnings $400
  • 2 sets springs $200
  • + more
New Photo Added 2-2-2020
   Palo Cedro, CA

Wanted - Enclosed trailer wanted

I am looking to purchase an enclosed trailer. 18 to 24 ft. condition is not that important just needed for storage at this point. Mike @ 908-202-7182
   Warren, NJ

Wanted - Rauch & Lang Model B

Reassembling 1916 R&L

in 1980 the chassis was stripped of all parts ... the axels, springs, brakes, everything. In fact, everything that could be taken apart was

I am looking for anything that will assist me putting this back together: parts books, manuals, service instructions, what have you?

I`ll buy Email copies or original don`t mind

   Fareham, Hampshire, UK

Wanted - Parts Wanted for 1909 Pierce-Arrow 36UU:

(1) Warner 2to1 Right Hand Speedometer Swivel, (3) or more George N. Pierce hub caps, (2) Goodrich rims and lock rings, (1) Radiator cap, (1) Foss Hughes Eagle radiator cap topper, (1) Veeder Meter, (1) Boyco gas water and oil running board can set.
   Northridge, CA

For Sale - Sparton 4 Trumpet Horn

Sparton 4 trumpet musical horn. Good original condition. Not tested. $375. Testophone 4 trumpet musical bulb horn. $775. Pair Solar 933 brass 3-tier sidelamps. $925. Connecticut 6 cylinder coil box. $625. Autovox bulb horn. $775. Early Atwood model 40 rectanguar carbide generator
   Northbrook, IL

For Sale - Black High Wheeler

1908 09, Black high wheeler literature, photo nice collection 150 dollars
Contact: David Kolzow
   earlville, IL

Wanted - 1914 Locomobile rear fenders

I am restoring a 1914 Locomobile and need rear fenders, to buy or borrow to copy. Model is a Limo. Also a starter solenoid Thanks
   Warren, NJ

For Sale - 1915 Model T Ford Speedster With Original Kuempel Red-I-Kut Body

1915 Model T Ford Speedster With Original Kuempel Red-I-Kut Body

Click photo for MORE Photos

This Model T speedster was assembled by Francis Mesker of St. Louis in the 1920s and remained in the family until the 1980s when it became part of the St. Louis Museum of Transportation

It is a mostly original car that was mechanically refreshed this year and runs good

It has its original Kuempel Hardware Company speedster body, hood, radiator and underslung chassis with Rajo self-steering spindles & House wire wheels

It has a 1915 engine that is fitted with an electric starter and is titled as a 1915

A rare opportunity to acquire an authentic Ford speedster for just 18,750

Sold in Days on 2-4-2021


Wanted - Parts Wanted for Pierce Arrow Two Ton Truck Motor

Parts Wanted for Pierce Arrow Two Ton Truck Motor

Click photo for MORE Photos

I need the internal oil supply lines and pick up within the oil pan

Complete engine or anything containing those parts

I have more photos that I can attach of the engine that I am talking about

The year is around 1913

   Turlock, CA

Wanted - Cylinder Head

Straight six cylinder head for a Continental engine used in REO 1927-1929, Call Neal at 973 303 3039 or E-MAIL
   Blue Bell, PA

For Sale - Model T Rims

1916-24 Ford Rim, also fits a22-23 Gray and 19-22 Maxwell. this rim is used and rusty, but nice bead and is a good rim. $55.00 plus shipping. 1923-24 Ford rim, new old stock, FIRESTONE"K" rim new old stock fits a 30 x3.5 tire. $95.00 plus shipping
   Graettinger, IA

For Sale - 1912 REO the Fifth touring

Toured extensively and remains a strong runner. Recent brakes, clutch relined & rebuilt coil in 2020. Original composite body. Upholstery decent. Top shabby but serviceable. Riding on 36” tires, this handsome car has presence, a proud stance and a smooth ride. Great value. Priced at $26,500US
   Claremont, ON, Canada

For Sale - 1910 Buick Model 17

1910 Buick Model 17

Click photo to enlarge

This Buick was restored by Skip Carpener, with much mechanical work by Steve Bono.  Has been set up for touring, and has been used on numerous long trips.

Restoration is a few years old, but still looks very fresh, with paint, interior, and top all excellent.

Mechanics are perfect, with new jugs, crankcase, crankshaft, electric start, etc.

Selling for a good friend to help settle estate.  Car is located in NC

Available for $64,500

Sold in One Day on 02-10-2021

   Nokomis, FL

For Sale - 1914 Touraine 6cyl. 61hp.

1914 Touraine 6cyl. 61hp.

Click photo for MORE Photos

Chadwick was the foundation of this car built in Philadelphia, by two of the Chadwick boys

Quality car throughout, cost.$3250

Paint, Leather, Top, Tires, Wheels, Chassis, Engine, freshly done

Came from Harrah`s in the 70s. have the Harrah research book

This is a very nice, easy driving Quality tour car. LOTS of history, and detail

Car is in the North West with Current Title, and full tank of gas

Asking $ 129,000 or B.O.


For Sale - maxwell universals

maxwell universals

Click photo to enlarge

--Replace your original 1907-1912? Maxwell universals with new needle bearing universals

--No alterations required, use original locks

--100 per unit plus shipping

   Jackson, MI

For Sale - Carbide Headlight

This is 9.5 inch, Brass top and door, that is hinged on the top, no age cracks in the brass, unrestored, 8.5 inch forks, reflector is cracked, not rusty.
   Graettinger, IA

Wanted - Springfield Motometer speedometer

Springfield Motometer speedometer

Click photo to enlarge

These are RARE, but I would like to have one.....
   Green Cove Springs, FL

For Sale - 1923 Ford Model T Canadian Model Touring

Excellent restoration of a Canadian Model T. Starts easy, runs great on magneto & battery. Paint, Leather, Top, Boot, all high quality restoration. recently serviced. This is one of the nicest quality "black Ts" out there. Accessories include dash lamp, tool kit, water pump, etc.

For Sale - 1910 Chalmers Detroit 30 model k #15771

1910 Chalmers Detroit 30 model k #15771

Click photo for MORE Photos

This is a 3 owner car pulled from the barn in Massachusetts in 1950

I have a dealer brochure from Boston where the car was purchased and a couple of old registrations

  1. Rebuilt rods pistons and valve
  2. F head coil and magneto
  3. Lots of receipts
  4. Upholstery was redone in 1960
  5. Never been repainted. She's dark blue with creme pinstriping
The car runs really well and is ready for your next tour for $37,500

Sold on 2-1-2020

   Citrus Heights, CA

For Sale - 1913 Ford Model T auto and trailer

1913 Ford Model T auto and trailer

Click photo for MORE Photos

Watch a YouTube video of my 1913 Ford Model T auto and trailer Click to Watch My Video
**   Used on many tours
**   Rocky Mountain brakes
**   2 speed Ruxel rear end
**   starter
**   Wire Pasco wheels
**   Same owner since 1986
**   Model T open trailer included
**   Runs good
**   Upholstery and roof in good condition

Available for $19,000. Call for more info

Sold on 1-30-2021

   El Dorado Hills, CA

For Sale - 1916 Owen Magnetic O-36

1916 Owen Magnetic O-36

Click photo to enlarge

  • Original car with 985 Miles
  • Long history back to the Museum of Science and History, Chicago
  • Runs and drives well
  • 7 passenger touring Summer body, by Rauch & Lang. Winter body gone in History
  • Top of the line model with 135" W.B.

Contact me for more details and to make this 1916 Owen Magnetic O-36 yours

Sold in HOURS on 1-17-2021


For Sale - Pair Quality J M rear spring shackle duel cylinder shocks pat. 1912

for sale...complete pair used on large quality cars of the era, Packard, Pierce, Locomobile, and many other large makes. contact me for pictures, measurements, info.
   Minden, NV

For Sale - 1911 Packard Model 18 Runabout #19101

1911 Packard Model 18 Runabout #19101

Click photo for MORE Photos

This is the only authentic example of a 1911 Model 18 runabout known to exist according to the Early Packard registry

It has a known history from new having been owned by Dave Tunick, Dick Teague, Jack Frost, Norm Vinney, Morgan Yost etc.

An extremely correct car retaining its matching numbers, short wheelbase chassis, engine & original body components

The older restoration presents extremely well inside and out. It has been recently serviced and runs well

A quick and agile pre-World War I sports car that would make a great addition to any collection

Priced at is 195,000

For Sale - Two Cylinder Maxwell Parts For Sale

Two cylinder Maxwell parts for sale. Merle Simonsma email:
   Sacramento, CA

Wanted - Wanted to buy ... 1916/17 Studebaker

Looking for 1916/17 Studebaker 6 cyl. engine parts. Would buy complete engine or parts car if available Thanks
   Beavercreek, OH

For Sale - 1928 Ford Model A York-Hoover Imperial Delivery

1928 Ford Model A York-Hoover Imperial Delivery

Click photo for MORE Photos

Offered here is a very original 1928 Model A Ford with a custom body by York-Hoover, a Model F-123 Bettermetl-Betterwood Swelled Side Specialty Body

Recently discovered in a garage, this car has been preserved amazingly well. The body retains all of its original bracketry latches and hardware and the body`s wood is in great condition

The last owner discovered this delivery in the 1950`s and gave it a light freshening up with paint and a mechanical service

Upon our acquisition of the car we gave it a mechanical service including a rebuilt carburetor

Contact us today for more information and to take this Model A home

   Orange, CT

Wanted - Wanted - Lunkenheimer Exhaust Pressure Regulator

Wanted - Lunkenheimer Exhaust Pressure Regulator

Click photo to enlarge

Wanted- Lunkenheimer Exhaust Pressure Regulator (or similar) as pictured in the ad from 1910

Found on 01-28-2021

   Severance, CO

For Sale - 1921 Mercer Series 5 Raceabout

1921 Mercer Series 5 Raceabout

Click photo for MORE Photos

This Series 5 Raceabout has been fully restored over a number of years. Found in a half fallen down barn in Pennsylvania over 40 years ago it was purchased by a noted collector from Texas who kept the car and restored it over his long ownership

It is now being offered for the first time in many years and it runs as good as it looks

The 80 horsepower L-head 4 cylinder really moves this car and with the 4 speed transmission it is really fantastic

Finished in dark blue with black fenders, this raceabout is just stunning

If you are looking for a true early American sports car, look no further!

   Orange, CT

Wanted - Solar Tail Lamp

Wanted: Solar # 930 C Tail Lamp. Preferred. (Solar # 1030 C will work). This is a combination oil and electric square-bodied tail lamp almost 12” tall. Thanks for your help.
Contact: Tom Peterson
   Tucson, AZ

For Sale - 1936 Oldsmobile 3 Window Coupe - 1 Owner

1936 Oldsmobile 3 Window Coupe - 1 Owner

Click photo for MORE Photos

1936 Oldsmobile 3 Window Business Coupe, Model F-36. 1 family owned until recently

Copies of original ‘Bill of Sale’, prior registrations, period documentation and title. Extensive mechanical and cosmetic restoration completed by well known and highly respected restoration facility; includes detailed receipts for all work performed

A very desirable, rare model which presents and drives nicely. Additional photo’s available. Asking $33,900

   Barre, Massachusetts

Wanted - Wanted for Simplex

Simplex- Drawings or photocopies 1909 to 1914 for Simplex, especially engine, and frame. Will pay a good price. Thanks!
   Holland, MI

Wanted - Needed. 1-Houk wire wheel, 25" # 6.

12V Klaxon straight horn, mounts on side of engine block. # 5 Houk hubcap medallions. Owen Magnetic, original literature. Early Stutz radiator emblem, say's built in Indianapolis. Wish we were going to swap meets! Stu Laidlaw
   Redding, CT.

For Sale - 1930 Model A Rumbel seat coupe

1930 Ford. 3,000 miles since total restoration. Black and Ford Brown with black fenders, black wire wheels, and Firestone black wall tires. Excellent ready to tour car. $20,000
   Palestine, TX

For Sale - 1913 Hupmobile Touring Project.

Original car never restored. Parts in 20' container. Nos radiator. One frame, two bodies, two engine trans, two front axles, two rear axles, and 8 doors. I did find a rear body section, four more doors, and two rear fenders, all of this is rust free and in original paint. $4,000
   Palestine, TXUn

Wanted - Maxwell #27 Headlamps

I’m looking for a pair or even a single Maxwell # 27 headlamps for my 1910 AA, please let me know what you have! Jon Zwicker
   Richland Center, WI

For Sale - Bulb Horn w/ 360 deg. twist 1913-1914(?) with excellent bulb.

Full circle twist bulb horn (not brass) with very worn black paint. Needs refinishing, nice fine mesh screen covered, oval-shaped throat. Throat mesh is surrounded by chrome (nickel?) finish brass trim. Measures 13" x 10" overall. Good sound $90 plus shipping. Call or text or email for photos.
   Mount Vernon, WA

For Sale - WTB: 1903 - 1906 Ford Project

Ideally I would love to find a pre NRS Ford project. I.e. Ford A, AC, C or F. I have been looking for 10-15 years but I’m sure there must still be a project out there somewhere? Please message me if you can help fulfil my dream. Thanks
   Melbourne , Victoria, AU

For Sale - EMF Front Floor Mats. Exact Copies for sale

A good friend of mine who has a EMF reproduced the exact design thick black rubber floor mats used on EMF cars. He had a pattern shop and made the patterns himself. Exact reproductions with the fancy "Fleur de lis" designs and ribs. $250 pair

Sold in a Day on

   Roseville, Minnesota, MN

Wanted - WTB: 1917-1921 Cadillac 7 Passenger Phaeton

In search of a 1917-1921 Cadillac 7 passenger Phaeton. Older restoration is ideal. 7 passenger is a must, but I'm flexible on the year. If you or anyone you know is trying to sell theirs, let me know!

Found on 01-25-2021

Found on 01-25-2021

   Montgomery Village, MD

For Sale - 1915 Model T Runabout

1915 Model T - Runabout ... motivated seller. $15,000 Here is a link to more photos in my Google Drive folder.
   Lehi, UT

For Sale - Early T Ford Parts

Early T Ford Parts

Click photo for MORE Photos

  • 1909-11 Original windshield support rods $150 pr
  • 1909-10 seat supports. $100 pr
  • Brass Steering spider 12 1/2 inch. Appears original. $125
  • 1910 Coil Box original. Jacobson Brandow? $150
  • 1909-12 Towncar sidelamp
  • Brackets and backers Recast brass $250 pr
  • 2 Double Twist horns. One $350 one $450
  • Passenger side 1909-10 sidelamp brkt One only $45. (might be repro)
   Baxter , ONCanada

Wanted - Early T Ford parts needed

Front Radius rod for 1909-17Ford. Must be solid with perfect threads and rust free! This is the radius rod that bolts into the upper portion of the spring perch ( not with the eyelet bout with the stud) Thank you. In advance
   Baxter , Ontario

Wanted - Wanted - Pre 1920 Motorcycle

Seeking an original pre 1920 motorcycle that is mostly complete. one or two cylinder. consider all-budget up to 30k. Send photos and info to my email. Thanks
   Mount Laurel, NJ

For Sale - 1908 Oldsmobile Model M Palace Touring

1908 Oldsmobile Model M Palace Touring

Click photo to enlarge

This listing is for a 1908 Oldsmobile Model M Palace Touring

I have the complete ownership history on the vehicle since the early 1920's. 1 of 3 Model M Palace Touring’s known to exist

The Olds is in excellent condition for being nearly 113 years old

Contact me for the ownership history. This vehicle is not currently running. The engine cranks just fine, not seized, and was last driven 2 years ago. Actual mileage unknown

   Lehi, UT

Wanted - 1917 White Grease Fittings

1917 White Grease Fittings

Click photo to enlarge

Looking for a source of these grease fittings

They are 7/8-20. Reproduction or used

   West Palm Beach, Fl

Wanted - Wanted: 1913 Cadillac Rear Hubcap

Wanted: 1913 Cadillac Rear Hubcap

Click photo to enlarge

Wanted: 1913 Cadillac Model 30 Rear Hubcap or center medallion. Not sure if any other years are the same

  • Hubcap is 5-1/8" in diameter
  • Medallion is approximately 1.85" in diameter
  • Found on 2-5-2021

       Wrightsville, PA

    For Sale - Miller-Chapman Company Auto Theft Signal System

    Miller-Chapman Company Auto Theft Signal System tire boot safety device. 4 CORD Model, no rust or wear, complete with Corbin lock cylinder and two keys. Patent date Aug 25, 1914. Overall 5-1/2"x11-1/2" x 1-1/2", weighs 5lb, 1oz. $55USD plus Flat Rate postage envelope at $8. Email for photos.

    Sold on 01-06-2021


    Wanted - Wanted ... 1910 or 1911 IHC

    Wanted 1910 or 1911 IHC model J - 30 touring car or model F or K roadster car in any condition or any parts for these cars also any information on one would be very appreciated. Thank you !!
       Kensington, OHiO

    For Sale - Pair Nos P-100 Lucas Headlamps

    Pair nos p-100 Lucas headlamps in their original Lucas boxes. Ready to install on a prize winning Rolls Royce, Bentley, Jaguar, Alvis, etc. Fabulous original plating. Correct lenses. $2,700 + shipping. Maxwell no 4 script brass tail lamp. $825. Gray & Davis sidemount brass carbide generator
       Northbrook, IL

    For Sale - Brass Lights

    Brass Lights

    Click photo for MORE Photos

    • Straight font set never outs 325 . Pr.
    • 4 new Buick ,cast hubcaps 225
    • Large solar side lights 1,150
    • Dainty Dietz side lights pr. 1400
    See photos for details
       Earlville, IL

    For Sale - Brass Lights for Sale

    Brass Lights for Sale

    Click photo for MORE Photos

    1. Large self generating light $1,400
    2. Small side mount generator 650
    3. Running board generator 650
    4. pr. self generating side lights 900

    See photos for more details

       earlville, IL

    For Sale - 1903 Ford Rear Entrance Tonneau

    1903 Ford Rear Entrance Tonneau

    Click photo to enlarge

    Recent total restoration of an original example of the first year of production of Ford serial #524

    • Only two family ownership since 1924
    • Currently on display at the ACD Museum in Auburn Indiana and can be viewed on appointment
    • This has been a "no expense spared" restoration and comes with a clear Michigan title
    • One of the most significant milestones in American Automobile history
    • A true "blue chip" investment
    Offered at below market. Serious calls only for further information.
       Baxter, ONT, Canada

    For Sale - 1927 Ford Touring Model T

    1927 Ford Touring Model T

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    We've run out of storage space and something had to go, after 2 years of debating and moving cars around it has been decided we don't drive the Model T enough so we are hoping someone else will love it like we have

    The T has been in our family since 1964, a great running car

    Now Just $19,000

       Williamsport, MD

    Wanted - 1914 Overland Model 79 Radiator Fan

    I'm in need of a radiator fan for my 1914 Overland Model 79 in good condition without cracks. These are a 16in diamater six blade fan with a ring around the perimeter. I'm in Australia but happy to pay postage plus asking price. Thanks Ben
       Carters Ridge, Queensland, AU

    For Sale - Misc. brass and nickel parts

    Misc. brass and nickel parts

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    1. Bosch D4 Magneto, patent dates 05, 08 $225 Sold Quick on
    2. Stromburg side draft brass carburetor HBNo1 $200
    3. Bowen grease cups, nickel plated brass 24 - 1/8 NPT $250 Sold in hours on
    4. Pierce brass script $200
    5. Stutz aluminum script/emblem, original $275 Sold on
    6. Steering column brass floorboard/firewall mount casting, 2" dia., 45 degree angle $150
    7. Bow saddles, steel, 2pr. $20 pr Sold in hours on
    8. Spare tire bracket, steel casting $20 Sold on
    9. Buyer pays shipping. Open to offers. Please contact me for additional information and/or photos.
       Boise, ID

    Wanted - 1911 Cadillac Model 30

    Parts needed for my restoration. Inner & outer Brake bands & attachment leavers for 12" drums. Brass windscreen frame. Brass windscreen adjustable support rods. Grey & Davis side mount Carbide Generator. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
       auckland, NZ-AUK

    For Sale - For sale 1929-30 Studebaker FD and Rentz NOS plugs

    NOS 2 sets points 1 condenser 2 head gaskets $100. One set NOS of eight RENTZ 7/8 regular spark plugs beautiful with a set of NOS replacement center cores with boxes, fit many different makes, trade for a set of Champion # 7 for early V8 Fords or make a reasonable offer Dave Baker 507-838-0696
       Kenyon, MN

    For Sale - For sale 1929-30 Studebaker FD and Rentz NOS plugs

    NOS 2 sets points 1 condenser 2 head gaskets $100. One set NOS of eight RENTZ 7/8 regular spark plugs beautiful with a set of NOS replacement center cores with boxes, fit many different makes, trade for a set of Champion # 7 for early V8 Fords or make a reasonable offer Dave Baker 507-838-0696
       Kenyon, MN

    For Sale - 1936 Packard 120B Convertible Sedan by Dietrich

    1936 Packard 120B Convertible Sedan by Dietrich

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    The Packard 120 Convertible Sedan by Dietrich was a mid-year offering for 1936 and did not make the sales catalog. This particular car was delivered to Boston in May of 1936

    It has been meticulously restored and lovingly cared for. It received an AACA first Junior in 2011; an AACA Senior Award in 2014; Repeat Preservation Award in 2015 and Grand National in 2016

    It needs nothing to continue in Concourse competition. It runs and drives as new and is driven - not trailered - to shows

    It has been fitted with red leather upholstery, optional artillery wheels, and radio and can be yours for $67,000

    Sold on 12-30-2020

       Fort Worth, TX

    For Sale - Biflex Bumper

    Biflex bumper for a large car. Surface rust throughout otherwise good straight solid condition. Pictures on request. $50.00
       Hayward, CA.